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The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) provides up to dollar-for-dollar matching grants to local governments for the acquisition or renovation of existing parks previously developed with LWCF assistance. A local government can request a maximum of $500,000 with each application.


Eligible applicants

North Carolina counties and incorporated municipalities are eligible for LWCF grants. Federally recognized Native American tribes are also eligible.


Eligible projects

Local governments can apply to acquire land for parks or to renovate existing parks. A project must be located on a single site.


Matching requirement

An applicant must match the grant with a minimum of 50 percent. Due to a federal share cap of $500,000, a greater match is required for projects that exceed total costs of $1 million.


Site control for a proposed LWCF project site

An applicant must own the park property. A lease may be suitable site control if the term is a minimum of 25 years. This does not apply to land-acquisition-only projects.


Public use

Property acquired or developed with LWCF assistance must be used for public outdoor recreation use in perpetuity.


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