Rendezvous Mountain

Trails Status

Hiking Trails

Mostly open

The Forest Demonstration Trail is closed. The Talking Tree Trail is open with wayside exhibits for reading, but the wayside audio is no longer in service.

About the Park

Map of North Carolina with a star indicating the location of Rendezvous Mountain State Park

Located in Wilkes County 30 miles east of Boone, Rendezvous Mountain provides a unique, educational outdoors experience in a mountain forest environment. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this forest showcases magnificent mountain hardwoods in one of North Carolina's most scenic settings. Visitors can explore its features on a series of well-marked trails and learn about the ecology of the mountain through exhibits and displays along their way.


There are no camping facilities at Rendezvous Mountain. The closest state park with camping is Stone Mountain State Park.

No Hunting

State parks are wildlife preserves. The hunting, trapping, pursuing, shooting, injuring, killing, or molesting of any bird or animal is prohibited.

Plan Your Visit


1956 Rendezvous Mountain Road, Purlear, NC 28665

GPS: 36.2185, -81.2871


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28665 Purlear, NC

Park Hours

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Open daily

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Please remember to plan ahead and finish your hike or picnic 10 minutes prior to gate closing time.