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North Carolina Trails program



Our Mission

The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation exists to inspire all its citizens and visitors through conservation, recreation and education.

Conservation: To conserve and protect representative examples of North Carolina’s natural beauty, ecological features, recreational and cultural resources within the state parks system;

Recreation: To provide and promote safe, healthy and enjoyable outdoor recreational opportunities throughout the state; and 

Education: To provide educational opportunities that promote stewardship of the state’s natural and cultural heritage.





Thawed out? Still too chilly to play outside? Check out a Nature Ornament Making event at Haw River State Park this weekend! Several Parks are re-opening slowly with events! Check our calendar!  #nature #ornaments #cute #ncstateparks Our 2019 Annual Passes are available! Enjoy all the activities that our Individual or Friends & Family Annual Passes offer!  #lazysunday #parks #shopping #ncstateparks Weather keeping you in? Plan to get out! Join our 100-Mile Challenge! Sign up, get out, earn cool prizes from places like Great Outdoor Provision Company! Get your mile plans made!  #snowday #snow #lifestyle #walk #nc100miles #ncstateparks New Year approaching? Resolution made? Can you walk 100 miles? Try our 100-Mile Challenge! Earn all year long, free to sign up, exercise state-wide! You can start on our Lazy Sunday planned? Scheme some fun for 2019! Our 2019 Annual Passes are available! Earn those Lazy Sundays after checking out all the benefits that our Individual or Friends & Family Annual Passes offer!  #lazysunday #parks #shopping #ncstateparks Congrats to David Brown to receive the NC Science Teacher's Association, As Christmas nears, Santa needs practice! Santa will rappel down Chimney Rock this Saturday, Dec. 1 with his helpers from Fox Mountain Guides! He’ll be rappelling at 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m and speaking with guests between climbs! #santa #tistheseason #ncstateparks Chilly day!  Some more than others!  Mount Mitchell is current closed due to snow on Hwy 128 from the Parkway up to the summit. We are plowing and hope to be open at some point today. Our Rangers have said the temperature has warmed up to 4 degrees! #brrr #winter