Field Trips to Haw River State Park

North Carolina state parks staff proudly offer numerous memorable field trip experiences for students and teachers. Explore science, history, social studies, and math through sampling stream life or climbing a mountain.

Haw River State Park offers a field trip that focuses on animal tracks and signs.


Field Trip Program

Whose Tracks Are These?

Most of the wildlife at Haw River State Park are nighttime visitors, so other than seeing the animal, how do we know what lives in our parks? All animals leave signs, such as tracks, scat, and sometimes bones and bits of fur. But whose are whose? This hourlong program will explore animal tracks, furs and scat of the different animals living at Haw River. We will also have stencils and stamps for students to make their own tracks sheets for their visit to the park.

Additional Information

Grades K to 12
Length 45 minutes
Class Size  Up to 30
Times Available Any time of year
Required Dress Weather-appropriate clothing
All students are encouraged to wear closed-toe shoes for walking.
Scheduling At least 1 month in advance