Plan an Event

Do you want to host your event at the park?

Some large events such as weddings, athletic contests, company parties, etc. may require a Special Activity Permit.

Please contact the park if you would like to plan an event. You can schedule a tour with a park staff member to plan and learn about fees and other permits.

The application for a Special Activity Permit must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the date of the event to be considered by park staff.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the park, except at designated campsites only. Those hosting an event at the park may apply for an Alcohol Supplement to the Special Activity Permit in order to serve alcohol at their event. Please read through all the requirements regarding the Alcohol Supplement; a nonrefundable $200 fee must be submitted to apply for the Alcohol Supplement, in addition to any other fees required for the Special Activity Permit, any costs the park inquires to host your event, or any facilities reservation fees.

Picnic Shelters

There are two large shelters at Sparrow Springs access that can be rented for group picnics. Each shelter accommodates up to 90 people and both have nine picnic tables and a large charcoal grill. Drinking water and restrooms are nearby.

Reservations are recommended; picnic shelters are very popular. If the shelters are not reserved, you may use them for free on a first-come, first served basis.

Check with the park prior to making your reservation for an event to make sure you do not need a Special Activity Permit for the event. Completing and getting an approved Special Activity Permit before making facility reservations ensures that you don't have to pay a cancellation fee if the permit is not approved.

Crowders Mountain State Park reserves 10 parking spaces with the reservation of a shelter. Additional spaces beyond the 10 are not guaranteed. Park staff will mark off the spaces at the closest parking are the morning of the reservation. If you have other guests arriving after the 10 have been filled, they may need to park in other parking areas and/or they may need to wait in line for spaces to open up.

Please note that alcohol is prohibited unless you apply and are approved for the Alcohol Supplement to the Special Activity Permit.

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