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Jobs with NC State Parks

Jobs with NC State Parks

The park staff at Kerr Lake State Recreation Center
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Lasting and meaningful work

Park rangers may be the most recognizable face of North Carolina's state parks system, but their dedication to the mission of stewardship is complemented by the skills and talents of many others - maintenance mechanics, administrative personnel, biologists, educators, planners and seasonal workers. It takes a committed team to serve millions of visitors each year.

Permanent Employment

To search permanent job listings, whether in the parks or at administrative headquarters, visit the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal jobs are available at most state parks and state recreation areas. A variety of opportunities are available for park attendants, lifeguards, office assistants, naturalists and general utility workers. Begin by contacting a state park directly to ask about seasonnal job opportunities. Applicants must submit a State of North Carolina employment application.


Our state parks offer a variety of volunteer positons—everything from working with park grounds and leading education workshops to hosting a campground. Get more information in the Volunteering section.

Current job openings

Park Ranger Advance

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

This park ranger provides educational programming, natural resource management, law enforcement/emergency services, seasonal and permanent employee supervision, administration, operations, and maintenance. This ranger will supervise one journey level ranger and when required serve as acting park superintendent. This ranger will lead interpretive and educational activities for the public regarding the ecology and history of the park. The ranger will manage the park's boundary line maintenance program, monitor natural resources, serve as the park contact for public information requests, and will research assigned natural resources, develop and implement resource management plans and I&E programs. This ranger is a commissioned law enforcement officer and will enforce state laws and park regulations through patrol, education, warnings, citations, and arrests. This ranger performs and directs emergency medical response and emergency rescue on the park and provides assistance to other agencies. This ranger will have responsibilities for routine maintenance and minor repairs, with an emphasis on paddle trail and day use facility maintenance.  Operational duties include issuing camping permits, opening and closing facilities, and purchasing equipment and supplies. The ranger will manage the facility conditions of assigned park areas and lead or participate in assigned collateral duties. This position will be required to obtain a captains license and participate in ferry operations as needed.  This ranger will assist other park rangers, office staff and maintenance staff with their assignments when more manpower is needed or staff is absent.


Park Ranger Journey

Gorges State Park

This position is posted at the Journey Competency level. For current state employment/re-employment, this position is salary equivalent to salary grade 67. Specific duties include developing and conducting educational programs, assisting in the management of natural and cultural resources, monitoring boundaries for trespassing & poaching, providing first responder and search & rescue assistance, patrolling roads, campgrounds and other areas to ensure visitor safety and protection and compliance to park regulations. Employee will make arrests, issue citizens, apprehend violators, obtain evidence and testify in court. Employee will supervise seasonal, temporary and volunteer workers. Employee will work a rotating shift with weekend and holiday work required.