Year of the Tree (2022)

Take Root and Grow with NC State Parks

2022 Year of Tree: Take Root and Grow banner for NC State Parks

Every year, North Carolina State Parks has celebrated an annual theme in all of our state parks. Programs, festivals and events throughout the state support the annual theme.

The Interpretive and Education Council, a diverse group of park staff members from across the state, selects the theme each year based on suggestions and nominations.

A unique collectible bandana for the annual theme is available for sale at the park webstore or at each park office and visitor center.

Below are some resources for park staff and educators to tie in to the 2022 annual theme.


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A bug's point of view up a longleaf tree on its "rocket stage." Photo taken at Carolina Beach State Park by J. Shimel.

Interpretive programs

A tree's vast root system at Raven Rock State Park
A tree's vast root system. Photo taken at Raven Rock State Park by J. Davidson.

Classroom Resources

A small pine seedling growing at New River State Park
A pine seedling. Photo taken at New River State Park by J. Shimel.

Field resources

Closeup of a chestnut oak with fall leaf colors
Leaves in fall color on a chestnut oak. Photo taken at Hanging Rock State Park by D. Cook.

Other resources

Video resources

Second Largest Tree in North Carolina at Merchants Millpond State Park

Dendrology at Merchants Millpond State Park

Measuring Diameter Using a Diameter Tape