Graphic for 100-Mile Challenge relaunch

An Update on the 100-Mile Challenge Website

A message from the North Carolina State Parks 100-Mile Challenge program

Thank you for your interest in the 100-Mile Challenge program.

We are in the middle of updating the 100-Mile Challenge website, and unfortunately, it will be a few more months until the new site is complete. We had a remodeled site almost built, but our contracted developer could not complete it. The solutions we've tried to complete it haven't worked out, and we recently learned that it would have to be built again from scratch.

We expect to finalize the new contractor to rebuild the site soon. We are working as quickly as possible on this project because we know this site means a lot to so many.

We expect that any data associated with your account from the old website will be populated on the new website.

In the meantime, you can still earn badges! Follow the 100-Mile Challenge on Facebook to keep up with new badges available and continue to keep track of your miles, dates, locations and badges you earn. Once the new website is live, you can enter past mileage and earn virtual badges from those dates.

To keep track of your miles until the new site is available, you can use the Notes app on your phone, an exercise app, or good old pencil and paper. Note your miles, activity type, location, and any buddies that joined you. That way, when the site is launched, it'll be a breeze to update your account with all you have accomplished since last year.

Thanks again for all your patience.