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PARTF celebrates 25 years in 2019
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2019 to 2020 funding cycle

October 2019: Announcement

The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation sends an announcement package to inform local governments about the availability of PARTF matching grants and how to apply.


Mid-October 2019: Instructional video about the PARTF application

The PARTF program posts the "Applying for a PARTF Grant" video online at the Recreation Resources Service YouTube channel to explain the application process and requirements. Viewing is strongly recommended but is not required. RRS consultants are available for additional technical assistance.


April 1, 2020: Application review deadline

Local governments may submit their draft applications to their RRS regional consultant by April 1, 2020 for a technical review to ensure that the application is complete.


June 1, 2020: Application deadline

Applications are due by 5:00pm. See page 5 of the application for details on how to submit.


Late summer or fall 2020: Selecting grant recipients

The Parks and Recreation Authority meets to select grant recipients. The meeting date and location will be announced on the NC Division of Parks and Recreation website when it is available.