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Money Matters

PARTF celebrates 25 years in 2019
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Money Matters

Maximum grant amount

Applicants can request a maximum grant of $500,000 with each application.

Matching requirement

An applicant must match the grant dollar-for-dollar, 50% of the total cost of the project and may contribute more than 50%. The appraised value of land to be donated to the applicant can be used as part of the match. The value of in-kind services, such as volunteer work, cannot be used as part of the match.

Land donations

A local government can use the appraised value of donated land as part of the 50% match for the grant. The donor of the land must be a private organization or individual. The applicant must provide a five-year history of conveyance for the property. Land that is transferred to the applicant due to a statute or rule is not considered a donation.

Costs to build or renovate facilities

You will be submitting specific cost estimates as part of the PARTF grant application. Get estimates from contractors, architects, or planners who develop parks and recreational facilities. Consider the impact of inflation by assuming that the project may be completed over a three-year period after the grantee signs a contract with the state. See the PARTF grant application for more information.

Costs to acquire land

In the cost estimates, an applicant will use the appraised value of the land that it proposes to buy or that will be donated. See the PARTF application for specific instructions.