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For Grant Recipients

PARTF celebrates 25 years in 2019
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For Grant Recipients

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources administers PARTF grant awards via a contract with the grant recipient. The information provided below is to assist local government with successfully completing the PARTF project.


Assistance for Grant Recipients

The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation provides technical assistance to local governments through a contract with Recreation Resources Service (RRS) at N.C. State University.

The regional RRS consultants serve as the "single point of contact" to:
1. Answer technical and financial questions about the administration of PARTF projects;
2. Monitor and inspect the progress of a PARTF project through completion;
3. Review requests for reimbursements;
4. Monitor compliance with the PARTF program requirements after completion.

Contact the RRS regional consultant » for your area


Download PARTF grant documents

Grant Manual

 NC PARTF Grant Manual »


Reimbursement Forms

 Request for Reimbursement general instructions »

 Request for Reimbursement form instructions »

 Request for Reimbursement form »

 Request for Reimbursement form (.docx version) »

 Detailed Expenditure Report instructions »

 Detailed Expenditure Report »


Land Acquisition Project Forms

 Offer to Purchase form »

 Land Acquisition report »

 Land Acquisition report (.docx version) »

 Request for Reimbursement with Donated Land Value form »

 Request for Reimbursement with Donated Land Value form (.docx version) »