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PARTF celebrates 25 years in 2019
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The Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants to local governments for the acquisition and/or development of park and recreational projects to serve the general public. A local government can request a maximum of $500,000 with each application.

Eligible applicants

North Carolina counties and incorporated municipalities are eligible for PARTF grants. Public authorities, as defined by N.C. General Statute 159-7, are also eligible if they are authorized to acquire land or develop recreational facilities for the general public.

Eligible projects

Local governments can apply to acquire land for parks and build recreational facilities for use by the public. A PARTF grant can also be used to protect the natural and scenic resources or renovate older park facilities. A project must be located on a single site.

Matching Requirement

An applicant must match the grant dollar-for-dollar, 50% of the total cost of the project, and may contribute more than 50%. The appraised value of land to be donated to the applicant can be used as part of the match. The value of in-kind services, such as volunteer work, cannot be used as part of the match.

Applicants must have control of the PARTF park site

An applicant must own or have at least a 25-year signed lease or easement for the property where a PARTF facility will be located.

Public use

Property acquired with PARTF must be dedicated forever for public recreational use. Facilities built or renovated with a PARTF grant must be available for public recreational use for at least 25 years.

Administrative Rules

The NC Administrative Rules for the PARTF local grant program describe the requirements of the grant program including who can apply and how grant recipients are selected.

View NC administrative code regarding PARTF - pdf