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Hiking Trail

Mountain Laurel Loop Trail – Beginner – CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION

3009 Raven Rock Road, Lillington

This is the beginner loop of Raven Rock's mountain bike trail system, which is named for the abundant thickets of mountain laurel present along the trail. As you ride through the woods, you will cross numerous bridges; pass between stands of pines and mixed hardwoods; and traverse a restored forest. More experienced riders have the option of lengthening their rides by taking the intermediate or advanced loops, both of which veer off the beginner loop.

Bikers, please pay attention to which direction to go. Please be mindful and considerate when encountering other trail users.

Lanier Falls Trail

3009 Raven Rock Road, Lillington

This trail is an offshoot of the Campbell Creek Loop Trail and features some rocky terrain and steps that lead down to Class II rapids in the Cape Fear River. The "falls" in the name refers to its geographical positioning on the fall line, which, in this case, results in exposed bedrock and rapids. It isn't uncommon to spot all kinds of wildlife along this portion of the river.

Fish Traps Trail

3009 Raven Rock Road, Lillington

This trail is named for the 18th-century fishing baskets used by early settlers in this area. The exposed bedrock creates a Class I rapid that spans the river in front of the remains of the Northington Lock and Dam that was destroyed by a hurricane in the mid-1800s. This short trail and relatively easy hike is perfect for exploring the river and fishing.

Bridle Trail – East Loop

3009 Raven Rock Road, Lillington

Take a ride on the East Loop Bridle Trail with your horse! This trail cuts through some of the oldest areas of the park on the northside of the Cape Fear River. Take this trail by itself or combine it with the West Loop Bridle Trail to make an 8-mile circuit. With numerous creek crossings and plenty of canopy coverage, this trail is sure to please horse riders and hikers alike!

Riders, please be mindful and considerate when encountering other trail users.

Campbell Creek Loop Trail

3009 Raven Rock Road, Lillington

This moderate trail gives visitors a taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with its challenging topography and unique geologic features. After crossing the long bridge, you will meander along Campbell Creek and experience rockier terrain compared to other trails at the park. Highlights of this trail include the primitive family wilderness camping area, access to the Lanier Falls Trail, the Cape Fear River, and the chance to see beavers and otters along the water!