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Handicap Accessible

Accessible Trail

Rock Garden Trail

1790 Hanging Rock Park Road, Danbury

This trail begins at the west end of the visitor center parking lot, located at 1005 Visitor Center Drive, at the wooden handrail. The trail is asphalt and is wheelchair accessible. It immediately crosses Hanging Rock Park Road. This level trail leads through the forest to massive ancient boulders, a must-see for all visitors.

Dragonfly Trail

759 State Park Road, Troutman

With the trailhead near the visitor center, the Dragonfly trial is ideal for all ages. This path is completely paved and easily accessible to wheelchair and stroller. This .15-mile trail (round-trip) has various nature displays along the way. Interactive lift-and-drop panels provided interesting and fun facts about the plants and animals found at Lake Norman State Park!

Swamp Boardwalk

2294 U.S. 17 N., South Mills

You can get a feel for the Swamp without getting your feet wet! The Boardwalk offers a surprising amount of wildlife, including frogs, turtles, snakes, birds, and even the occasional bear or bobcat. Learn more about plants and wildlife you see from the interpretive panels found along the loop.

The Dismal Swamp State Park TRACK Trail also follows the Swamp Boardwalk, an accessible half-mile loop.

Flytrap Trail

1010 State Park Road, Carolina Beach

This wheelchair-accessible trail loops through pocosin wetlands and longleaf pine and wiregrass savanna communities. Venus flytraps can be seen along the edges of the pocosins. (Please stay on the trail to avoid damaging these small and fragile plants). Wildflowers bloom along the trail. Parts of the trail travel along wooden boardwalks.