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Equestrian Trail

Lower CCC Trail

3001 South Mountain Park Ave., Connelly Springs

The Lower CCC Trail was named for the Camp Dyer Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The trail follows a ridgeline that separates the Henry Fork Watershed and the Jacob Fork Watershed. Murray Branch Backcountry Campsite can be reached from this trail. Horses, hikers and bicycle riders share the Lower CCC Trail.

Multiuse Trails

8801 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh

Trace along a route through local history. Much of the park’s multi-use trail was at one time roads that connected a small farming community. There are several options for accessing the trail with the main trailhead located at the end of Sycamore Road. Reedy Creek Trail connects to the Cary and Raleigh greenway systems.

Auger Hole Trail

976 Grassy Ridge Road, Sapphire

The Auger Hole Trail cuts directly through the heart of the park. Horses and mountain bikes are permitted on the Auger Hole Trail from the Frozen Creek Access to Turkey Pen Gap on the western boundary of Gorges State Park. Horses and mountain bikes are not permitted beyond Turkey Pen Gap. This trail also serves as a connector from Frozen Creek Access to the Foothills Trail. There are two low water crossings that must be waded across along the trail, one at the Toxaway River and one at Bearwallow Creek. Under normal conditions the water level is about knee deep.