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Discovery/Interpretive Trail

Dragonfly Trail

759 State Park Road, Troutman

With the trailhead near the visitor center, the Dragonfly trial is ideal for all ages. This path is completely paved and easily accessible to wheelchair and stroller. This .15-mile trail (round-trip) has various nature displays along the way. Interactive lift-and-drop panels provided interesting and fun facts about the plants and animals found at Lake Norman State Park!

Lake Shore Trail

759 State Park Road, Troutman

The Lake Shore Trail is a beautiful, scenic footpath along the lake shore. It is designed to accommodate an array of fitness levels as it has shortcuts (3 miles round trip) and extensions (6.3 miles round trip). Voted by Charlotte a must see trail - it is sure to impress.

The Lake Norman State Park TRACK Trail adventures were designed for use on the Lakeshore Trail and the Short Turn Trail.

Jordan Lake Track Trail/Seaforth Pond Trail

280 State Park Road, Apex

The Pond Trail is an easy 1.25 mile trail. The path is nearly a loop, it begins at the display case on the western side of the beach parking lot and ends near the picnic shelter #9. Hikers will enjoy glimpses of the lake while walking thru Loblolly Pine forests, hardwood forests, an old field and past 3 ponds. A long boardwalk traverses a wetland teaming with Buttonbush, Black Needle Rush and other water-loving vegetation. A Track Trail has been set up on this trail for self guided family nature hikes.

Swamp Boardwalk

2294 U.S. 17 N., South Mills

You can get a feel for the Swamp without getting your feet wet! The Boardwalk offers a surprising amount of wildlife, including frogs, turtles, snakes, birds, and even the occasional bear or bobcat. Learn more about plants and wildlife you see from the interpretive panels found along the loop.

The Dismal Swamp State Park TRACK Trail also follows the Swamp Boardwalk, an accessible half-mile loop.

221 Access Area: New River TRACK Trail

358 New River State Park Road, Laurel Springs

The New River State Park TRACK Trail was superimposed upon the Park’s Hickory Trail. The trail begins on the side of the visitor center (left side if facing the front); intersects with the Campground Spur Trail and continues as a 1.0-mile long loop trail that has a short out-and-back spur that will deliver you to the edge of the New River. The trail passes through an oak-hickory montane forest, down to the river’s edge, up through a mountain meadow and back to the visitor center through a pine thicket.

221 Access Area: Hickory Trail

358 New River State Park Road, Laurel Springs

This moderate one mile trail begins on the east side of the park and traverses along side of the ridge above the river. The view is mostly of the contours of the land. This trail crosses the road and follows through a forest of Montane Oak, Hickory, Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron. It connects to the Campground Spur Trail. To get your TRACK Trail adventures, please visit the trailhead kiosk located just outside the entrance of the Park’s Visitor Center.