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Biking Trail

Elliott Coues Nature Trail

2303 E. Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach

The Elliott Coues Nature Trail is a new hiking trail that connects the Fort area with the Swim Beach area. It stretches approximately 3.2 miles round trip and travels along the marsh, through the maritime forest, and through the sand dunes. The trail can be accessed both at the Fort parking lot or the Beach Access parking lot. Park visitors are reminded that these two parking lots have separate closing times and these times change throughout the year based on the month, so please be mindful of your time if you start your hike later in the afternoon.

Upper Falls Trail

3001 South Mountain Park Ave., Connelly Springs

The trail divides the park north and south. It crosses the Jacob Fork River above High Shoals Falls. Be prepared for a stream crossing. The trail continues through the Upper Falls Backcountry Campsite and climbs steeply to a vista. It continues west to Jacob Branch Backcountry Campsite and ends on the Lower CCC Trail. Horses, hikers and bicycle riders share this trail.

Raven Rock Trail

3001 South Mountain Park Ave., Connelly Springs

Raven Rock Trail crosses the park road and Jacob Fork River then ascends steeply to a paved road shared by the park and Pine Mountain Golf Resort. There is a winter view of High Shoals Falls. This trail is open to horses and hikers and the upper section is part of the bicycle loop trail.

Longleaf Trail

240 Park Entrance Road, Seven Springs

The park's Longleaf Trail was created in 2013 as a way to connect hikers and joggers from the Visitor Center to the park's Sand Path and then onto the Spanish Moss Trail. Following the trails in that order permits for a two-mile loop back to the Visitor Center. The Longleaf Trail is so named for the fact that it passes through the park's longleaf pine restoration area, a 75-acre section of mixed pine and hardwood that is being burned with prescribed fire on regular intervals to foster the dominance of the longleafs that originally were featured on the property.