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Biking Trail

Mountain Laurel Loop Trail- Bike/Hike

The Mountain Laurel Loop Trail starts at the Moccasin Branch Road access. This trail is a newly constructed, natural surface, beginner level mountain bicycle trail built to accommodate hand cycles.

This very scenic trail with winding turns and gentle slopes traverses through diverse ecosystems with stands of pine and hardwood timber. Mountain laurel occupies much of the understory along the trail as it travels across the contours of the north facing slopes, while the southern exposures provide more open forests for longer range views across the landscape.

Sand Path

The park's Sand Path is a generations old farm path that leads to the park's four (4) semi-primitive group sites. The Sand Path features a 1.8 mile round trip for joggers or hikers and forms a large section of the loop formed by hiking the Longleaf and Spanish Moss trails together. This path travels into a mixed pine and hardwood forest and borders an intensively managed section of the park being worked on by division staff to restore longleaf pine habitat. This trail may be traveled by vehicles at low speeds by campers so hikers must be aware of the dual use.

Lake Trail

The park's two-mile-long Lake Trail is the most recent trail built on the park and was opened to the public in June of 2015. This trail features a three-foot width and a natural, sand base that makes it ideal for hikers or joggers. The exact two-mile length also provides joggers with a precise distance that can be used to judge work-out speeds. This trail winds through a previously-unused forested section of the park and provides a good look at many mature white oaks in addition to a variety of other hardwoods.