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Park Technician


Pilot Mountain State Park
Pinnacle, NC
Surry and Yadkin Counties


Pilot Mountain State Park
1792 Pilot Knob Park Road
Pinnacle, NC 27043

Jesse Anderson

Application deadline

Applications will be accepted
until the position is filled.

Job description

Successful employment in this position will assist Pilot Mountain State Park employees and participate in general park operations to support the mission of the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, and to further support staff in the following ongoing duties:

Daily duties  (15 percent)

Assist in morning cleanup of the park. This will include cleaning restrooms throughout the park, trash collection, roadside cleanup, patrol of heavily used overlooks for trash, and other duties as needed to keep the park clean and safe for visitors.

Weekly duties  (15 percent)

Patrol trails and off-trail overlooks, collecting any trash discarded by visitors and noting any graffiti that needs to be cleaned.

Ongoing duties

  • Natural Resource Management  (50 percent)
    • This position will be assigned the responsibility of ongoing natural resource management projects throughout the park. Ongoing focus on invasive species removal is one example of a priority target for 2020. This project would include the mitigation of invasive species using herbicide and manual removal and the mapping of these species using GPS and GIS software. Permanent park staff will oversee the mixing of herbicide and assist in removal of the trees.
    • Assistance with natural resource inventory and monitoring species tracked by the Natural Heritage Program
    • Prior knowledge and proper identification of local flora, fauna, and North Carolina piedmont ecosystems preferred
  • Interpretation and Education  (20 percent)
    • As timing and restrictions allow, present scheduled I&E programs to the public. Work with Lead I&E Ranger to develop spring/summer programming schedule during times of expected high visitation
      • Includes structured guided programming; short and spontaneous interpretation in visitor-traffic areas; and roving interpretation on trails throughout the park. These programs will center on the park's interpretive themes of geology, the Yadkin River Basin, and the North Carolina State Parks' Annual Theme.
    • Assist park ranger staff with presenting programs to school groups and the public
    • Assist park ranger staff in any scheduled special events
    • Develop or improve I&E programs. This position will have the opportunity to develop new programs or make significant changes to improve existing I&E programs. Any new programs should relate to Pilot Mountain's interpretation and education theme.


The person selected for this position will work up to 40 hours a week, and up to 6 months and will be required to work weekends and some holidays. Most of the duties of this job are completed outdoors and some tasks are strenuous.

The pay for this position is $9 per hour.



How to apply

Complete and sign the NC State Government Paper Application for Employment (PD-107).

Please submit an application and any relevant documents to Jesse Anderson ( or