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Passport Program

Passport Program

Join us for an adventure across the state! We challenge you to visit as many North Carolina state parks as you can, using your Passport book as your guide. Collect stamps, earn prizes and make Naturally Wonderful memories!

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How do I participate?

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Pickup passport


Pick up your North Carolina State Parks Passport from a state park.

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Visit park


Visit the parks and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities!

The Passport book has icons of the activities at each park.

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Get stamp


Stop by the park's office or visitor center to get your Passport book stamped.

If the office is closed, several parks have a box outside with stamp stickers. If you cannot find the box, please email to request a stamp sticker by mail.

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Get signature


For every 10 parks you visit, have a park staff member sign the back inside cover of your Passport book.

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Receive package


Snap a picture of or scan the prize redemption page and email it to to get cool prizes mailed to you!


What's new in the 2019 Passport books?

  • Bonus stamps for State Trails — including the Mountains-to-Sea State Trail
  • Bucket list for your Passport adventure
  • Amazing Adventure challenge verification


How do I get a stamp if the office is closed?

Send an email to Please include your full name, mailing address, what parks you need and how many stamp stickers for each park.


What do I get for participating?

We have a new prize system as of October 1, 2018. Due to the immense popularity of the Passport program, we created a streamlined system, regardless of how many times you have completed the book in the past.

There will be a new set of prizes with the release of the new Passport edition in late 2019.

All prize requests submitted as of October 1, 2018 will be sent the following prizes:


10 parks

Field notebook and pen


20 parks


Free socks voucher at Great Outdoor Provision Co.


30 parks

Running waist pack

Buff headwear

$15 gift card to Great Outdoor Provision Co.


40 parks

Hiking patch


2018 Passport t-shirt

$25 gift card to Great Outdoor Provision Co.


**Prizes are while supplies last.**


2018 new prize graphic for Passport


How do I redeem my prizes?

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Signature


For every 10 parks you visit, have a park staff member sign the back inside cover of your Passport book.

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Snap picture


Take a photo of or scan the prize redemption page and email it to

Make sure you include your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS. Also include your t-shirt size when redeeming the 40 parks prize pack.

If other people in your household are participating in the program, please send all your redemption pages in one email, so that we can send your prizes together!

Graphic - Passport Instruction - Receive prizes


You will receive cool prizes as listed above in the mail!

Prizes can take up to three weeks to be mailed out to you, so we appreciate your patience.


What is the Amazing Adventure Challenge?

Visit all 41 state parks in one year and receive an additional prize pack!


  1. END DATE: All participants must have an end date written down on their book. A park staff member must sign your book to verify that you have all 41 park stamps at that end date.
  2. START DATE: All participants must have a start date written down on their book. If your start date is after November 1, 2018, your start date must be verified by a park staff member with a signature. That means that your first stamp must be received at a state park, and your Passport book cannot be mailed to you pre-stamped.

Once your book is complete and verified, send an email to

The prize pack will include an Annual Pass to North Carolina State Parks (or a Family and Friends Pass if you are participating with your family).

» Read the full list of benefits of the pass


Where can I get the bonus stamps for the State Trails?

» Find a State Trail redemption location


Is there an end date to the Passport program?

Currently, there is no end date to the program. You can take as long as you want or try to complete it as quick as you can. Those who complete their book within one year will receive the Amazing Adventure prize pack.


Additional questions? Concerns?

Email the Passport manager at or call us at 919-707-9369.