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Ask a Ranger: Freetown and Shaffer Tract Portion of Mayo River State Park

This episode is part of a series that will tell the histories of portions of Mayo River State Park before these tracts of land became the park. It is a brief synopsis of a larger history of the surrounding area.

This is an early release as Fletcher's health is declining, and we want to make sure he can hear his contribution. Thank you to our historians: Fletcher Dalton, Bob Carter, and Kitty Williams. It was such a pleasure to sit and speak with you all.


Ask a Ranger: Kween Werk (Keep Widening Environmental Engagement Narrative)

Please join us in a fangirling out with incredible Parker! Parker is an outspoken social media diva that focuses on environmental justice and social justice issues. We chat with her about The Inclusive Guide, the project she is the COO of. The goal is to help folks identify safe and welcoming spaces. Please check out the great work being done! Follow her on Instagram @KweenWerk and @inclusiveguide.