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Ask a Ranger

Ask a Ranger: A Hike at Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso, Texas

Yay! Another episode with Lydia Pagel from Franklin Mountain State Park in El Paso, Texas. In this episode, Ranger Jess gets to tap into her inner 7-year-old and ask Ranger Lydia Pagel, "What's that? What's this?" all the way up the mountain. We find out how Franklin Mountain State Park is like our very own Mount Mitchell State Park, how some of the different flora you will find on this mountain compares to ones on our mountains, and how little herds of tiny hippo-related mammals inhabit Franklin Mountain as their home.


Ask a Ranger: Japan Parks with Ranger Naoki

Welcome to the start of our third year and third season for the Ask a Ranger podcast. For this episode, we return back to the beginning, when Ranger Jess was just starting to fuss with the recording and editing equipment. Ranger Jess has been hanging onto this interview from her trip to Japan for a couple of years, wanting to release it because Naoki was such a great guest with wonderful information, but holding onto it because, well, the quality of the recording was not great. So because this is a reflection on how far we have come, we though our listeners, who have been loyal and patient from the start, would be willing to bear with the quality of the recording in order to listen to his wonderful park ranger from Japan. Thank you for coming on this journey with us! And a huge thank you to Naoki for your warm welcome and willingness to conduct an interview with a newbie to the podcasting world. Thank you Naoki!


Ask a Ranger: Prehistoric Sharks with Dr. Kammerer

Let's go back in time, to a time where prehistoric sharks swam the ocean, some with a spiral of bottom teeth, some with bony protrusions off the top of their head, and one that was 30 times larger than a great white shark! We sit down with Dr. Christian Kammerer from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and pick his brain about all the wonderful and wondrous prehistoric sharks that lived in the ocean well before our time.