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Turtle Terminology

Turtle Podcast Terminology
On this episode of Ask a Ranger Podcast, Ranger Crystal and Ranger Jess talk to a number of different North Carolina native species of turtles (Except Shirley the Alligator Snapping turtle who is from more southern regions).  They use some terminology that may be confusing so let’s break it down here.
Plastron- the bottom shell of the turtle
Carapace- the upper shell of the turtle
Beak- the hard outer covering of their jaw, or their mouth

Finally, It’s Here!

Spring has come to the mountains!
The sky is Carolina Blue with a few white fluffy clouds.  The snow is melting and the temperatures are getting just right for a visit to Mount Jefferson State Natural Area.
The trees are beginning to bud, the grass is turning green and soon there will be new born animals everywhere!
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Trek Through Time

The history is rich on Long Valley Farm. From turpentine to tobacco, the history of the Sandhills from the 1800's to modern day is right in front of us, if you know how to look. Students will join a ranger to learn about the conservation and farming techniques used by the first European settlers to the area, and explore houses and farm structures from the early 1900's.