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Rangers Offer Tips for Enjoyable Visit to Jordan Lake

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Michael F. Easley, Governor
William G. Ross, Jr., Secretary

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Charlie Peek
Release Date: 
Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rangers Offer Tips for Enjoyable Visit to Jordan Lake

RALEIGH -- The Memorial Day holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year at Jordan Lake State Recreation Area in Chatham County. If visiting Jordan Lake is part of your holiday plans, rangers at the state recreation area would like to offer a few tips for a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

' Jordan Lake is a very popular recreation site. Expect, and plan for, traffic congestion and delays when driving to the park.

' Once all parking spaces are full, additional cars will not be allowed into the recreation area. Plan to arrive early and carpool if possible. Groups using more than one vehicle should try to arrive together so that late arrivals won't be denied entry.

' Bring all food, drinks, and recreational equipment into the park with you. If you leave the park to purchase soft drinks, lunch, or other items, you may not get back into the park when you return.

' Do not attempt to park outside of Jordan Lake State Recreation Area and then walk into the park. Pedestrians will not be allowed into the park.

' Do not park your vehicle in the 'No Parking' zones posted around Jordan Lake. Park rangers, State Highway Patrol troopers and other law enforcement officials will enforce parking violations through fines and by towing illegally parked vehicles.

Safety should also be on every visitor's mind when enjoying the water at Jordan Lake or other recreation areas. Remember these safety tips.

' Closely supervise small children. Drowning can occur in a matter of seconds and in less than two inches of water.

' Swim only in designated areas.

' Always swim with a friend and watch out for each other. If you are a poor swimmer, wear a life jacket.

' Never drink alcohol when swimming or boating.