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Wildfire prompts closing of Chimney Rock State Park

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Pat McCrory, Governor
Susan Kluttz, Secretary
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Charlie Peek
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wildfire prompts closing of Chimney Rock State Park

Raleigh -- While the current forest fire in Lake Lure is not affecting Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, the North Carolina Forest Service asked park officials to close that access to ease congestion in the Village of Chimney Rock. 

The Incident Command Team from NC Forest Service made the request to help ease traffic congestion while firefighters continue to fight the growing fire in Lake Lure. Air quality in the park is also a concern for guests and associates. 

As of today, the fire that started at Party Rock on Rumbling Bald Mountain on Saturday, November 5, has grown to 885 acres and is 15 percent contained. 

The fire is still moving in a north, northwesterly direction but is burning on both sides of Rumbling Bald Mountain, on the opposite side of US 74 from Chimney Rock. 

Combined with extremely dry conditions, wind is still an issue for those fighting the fire. Air crews are still conducting air and retardant drops.