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A view of the river at New River State Park
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Campsites CLOSED - Wagoner Access (click for more...   

Wagoner Access campsites will be closed December through February to allow the sites to recover from seasonal use. Since camping is closed for the winter season at Wagoner Access, park hours at Wagoner Access only for December through February will be 8am -6pm. Campsites are still available throughout the winter season at 221 Access

 Last updated on: Monday, December 3, 2018


There are no entrance fees to enjoy the park. In addition to park-specific rules, please read the systemwide Park Rules for all North Carolina State Parks.


Anglers need a state fishing license and must obey the regulations of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

Camping at Riverbend

  • A reservation is required to camp at Riverbend. All campers must check in before arriving at the backcountry site. You may do so one of three ways:
    1. You may check in personally, the day of your trip, at the Wagoner Access contact station or the main Visitor Center at Hwy 221.
    2. You may call the Park’s Visitor Center at 336-982-2597 until 5 pm.
    3. After 5 pm you may fill out a check-in form located at the Wagoner’s main canoe access. A box is provided for Overnight Vehicle Registration. Be sure to check box indicating you have a reservation and will be camping at the Riverbend primitive campsite.
  • Canoe landings are natural rock formations and may not be easily recognizable especially during above-average river levels. Use map cues, camping symbol signs and GPS coordinates to help identify the campsites. Remove boats from water and secure them.
  • Camp in designated reserved site only: Sites include A1, A2, B1 and B2. Six people may occupy each site.
  • Alcohol is prohibited. All NC State Park Regulations are enforced.
  • Pack out all trash including food scraps and used toilet paper. Do not throw cooking grease or any food scraps into the woods. Removing all waste reduces the habituation of wildlife and limits the harassment from raccoons and other large and small mammals. Misuse of campsites could limit the use of primitive campsites or end their use all together.
  • Dispose of human waste by digging an 8-10 inch cat hole at least 100 feet from the river and 300 ft. from the campsites. Remember to pack out soiled, used toilet paper. Animals may dig up used toilet paper making a mess for future users of the campsites.
  • Small camp fires are permitted only in provided rock fire-rings. You may use dead and downed wood.
  • Pull canoes completely out of the water. Flash floods occur without warning and may cause canoes to be carried away or swamped. Please tread lightly especially at canoe landing areas. Shrubby vegetation holds soil in place and prevents erosion.
  • Please use "no trace" practices and leave the campground as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.
  • Keep food secure and in hard-sided containers or hung out of reach of raccoons and bears.
  • Black Bears have not posed any threats to campers in the recent past, but be aware of the possibility of an bear encounter, especially in Spring.
  • Plan your trip to arrive at the campsite at least one hour before sunset.
  • If you leave a vehicle in a State Park access, fill out the overnight vehicle permit for each vehicle.
  • Please call the Visitor Center at 336-982-2587 to check out. This way we know you are safe.
  • IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL 911 or after hours call 336-982-8169.


Event permits. Some events—such as weddings, athletic contests, company parties, etc.—may require a Special Activity Permit. If you're unsure whether such a permit is necessary for your event, call the park office beforehand. You can download a Special Activity permit application or obtain one from the park office.

Research and collection permits. A permit is required for any project involving the collection, removal or disturbance of any natural or cultural resource of any state park unit and for projects that require placing monitoring equipment in any state park unit. Learn more about research and collection permits or fill out a permit application online.


A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.


New River State Park

358 New River State Park Road
Laurel SpringsNC 28644
Latitude: 36.467680
Longitude: -81.340350

Map of North Carolina


Wagoner Access & US 221 Access
December - February: 8am - 6pm
March, April, October: 7am - 9pm
May - September: 7am - 10pm
November: 7am - 8pm
Closed Christmas Day

Visitor Center & Office
8am - 5pm week days
10am - 4pm weekends
Closed Christmas Day

Kings Creek Access 
Closed November 1st thru March 31st. Re-opens April 1st.
Hours of operation are: 
April, October: 8am - 8pm
May - September: 8am - 9pm