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Systemwide Plan

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Systemwide Plan

The division's systemwide plan is a document that evaluates the state parks system's current standing, considers anticipated trends in parks and recreation needs, and details how the division plans to continue fulfilling its mission statement.

The State Parks Act requires the preparation of a systemwide plan every five years, and directs that the plan:

  • outlines a method whereby the mission and purpose of the state parks system can be achieved in a reasonable, timely and cost effective manner;
  • evaluates existing parks to determine their statewide significance;
  • identifies duplications and deficiencies in the current state parks system and makes recommendations for correction;
  • describes the resources of the existing state parks system and their current uses, identifies conflicts created by those uses and propose solutions to them; and
  • describes anticipated trends, details what impact those trends may have on the state parks system and recommends means and methods to accommodate those trends successfully.


2018 Systemwide plan cover  

Systemwide Plan for North Carolina State Parks
updated 2018 (.pdf)

2018 Systemwide plan appendix cover   Systemwide Plan Appendix
updated 2018 (.pdf)