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2019 – The Year of the Snake!

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Peaceful creek at Medoc Mountain State Park

2019 – The Year of the Snake!

Medoc Mountain Corn snake

Each year, North Carolina state parks celebrate an interpretive theme throughout the state. This year at Medoc Mountain we are especially excited for the Year of the Snake!  Five years ago, the park began caring for a Corn snake named Charlie to use for interpretation and educational purposes.  Since then, he has been shown to countless people in and around the park as an aid for teaching about snakes and their role in the environment.  In many cases, eager participants were able to hold and pet Charlie as he slithered up their arm.  As a way to celebrate the Year of the Snake, Charlie’s cage has been moved into the exhibit hall for viewing by all park visitors.  Be sure to stop by the visitor’s center during your next visit to say “hello” to Charlie and, if you are willing, ask if a staff member is available to allow Charlie to get out for a slither.  For more information about the Year of the Snake you can visit the Year of the Snake websit. We hope you can Make it to the Mountain in 2019!