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Jobs with NC State Parks

Jobs with NC State Parks

The park staff at Kerr Lake State Recreation Center
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Lasting and meaningful work

Park rangers may be the most recognizable face of North Carolina's state parks system, but their dedication to the mission of stewardship is complemented by the skills and talents of many others - maintenance mechanics, administrative personnel, biologists, educators, planners and seasonal workers. It takes a committed team to serve millions of visitors each year.

Permanent Employment

To search permanent job listings, whether in the parks or at administrative headquarters, visit the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal jobs are available at most state parks and state recreation areas. A variety of opportunities are available for park attendants, lifeguards, office assistants, naturalists and general utility workers. Begin by contacting a state park directly to ask about seasonnal job opportunities. Applicants must submit a State of North Carolina employment application.


Our state parks offer a variety of volunteer positons—everything from working with park grounds and leading education workshops to hosting a campground. Get more information in the Volunteering section.

Current job openings

Office Assistant V

State Parks Warehouse

This position is the main procurement officer for the State Parks Warehouse located off US64 by Jordan Lake State Recreation Area in Chatham County, and must purchase more than $350,000-worth of operational supplies annually, as well as purchase supplies as needed for Division Maintenance Manager, Director, Chief of Operations, Chief Park Ranger, Budget Officer, etc. as well as procure Major Maintenance/Capital Improvements goods for parks as needed. This employee is solely responsible for managing all office operations for the DPR Warehouse. This position will communicate supply requests to all parks and administrative/operations units and accept orders for needed supplies, track orders and inventory to insure adequate stock, coordinate all deliveries and generate an internal invoice after each. This position will be required to receive, inventory, package and ship concessions orders in a non-climate controlled warehouse environment.

This position will also be responsible for maintaining division property insurance records for all division owned structures communicate all changes to the Department of Insurance and State Property Office through the proper forms, whether insuring a new building, renovating or demolishing an existing structure, changing building contents, or reporting a loss. Employee will also perform an annual update of these records prior to DOI billing and prepare payment for division insurance coverage invoice and also record annual DOI increase post-invoice and update Division Infrastructure document as well as respond to all records and property inquiries from the DOI, State Property Office, and DPR administration and operations centers, as well as coverage inquiries from the parks.