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Lime Kiln Trail

Twin Falls at Gorges State Park
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Lime Kiln Trail

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This is a short hike off of the Auger Hole Trail that will lead you down to the abandoned lime kilns. Settlers mined marble along Bearwallow Creek not too far from where it empties into the Toxaway River. Marble is metamorphosed limestone. They burned the marble in kilns to make quicklime, which they used for mortar, plaster, whitewash, and fertilizer. The kilns along this trail were used in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Although Lower Bearwallow Falls is close by, the Lime Kiln trail does not provide access.

Trail Location: 
Trail head is located on the Auger Hole Trail. The Auger Hole trail is accessible from the Frozen Creek Access on Frozen Creek Road and the Chestnut Mountain 4x4 Road, which is accessible from the Grassy Ridge Access off NC 281.
Trail Point of Interest: 
Lime kilns used by early settlers
Trail Length: 
0.60 miles
Trail Type: 
Trail Difficulty: 
Trail Surface: 
natural surface
Trail Blaze: 
White Squares

976 Grassy Ridge Road
Sapphire, NC 28774



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