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Holden Mill Trail

Fews Ford at Eno River State Park
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Holden Mill Trail

Holden Mill Trail at Eno River State Park

This 2.6-mile combination of two loops continues west from the Buckquarter Creek Trail from a bridge spanning the creek. Round trip from the Piper-Cox House parking lot is 4.1 miles. The smaller western loop is an easy hike around the stone remains of Holden’s Mill. The river segment is characterized by rock outcrops, giant boulders and frequent rapids.

Trail Length: 
2.60 miles
Trail Type: 
Trail Blaze: 
yellow circle

6101 Cole Mill Road
Durham, NC 27705



Map of North Carolina

GPS: 36.078300, -79.005000


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December January and February: 7:30am - 6:30pm

Pleasant Green and Cabelands Accesses
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