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Educator Resources

Educator Resources

NC Culture Kids Series

This video series takes students for quick tours of state parks, where they learn about the parks' unique natural and cultural resources. With each short 3- to 10-minute video, there are Discover More reading pages and Explore Outdoors activities that correlate with NC teaching standards.

Visit the NC Culture Kids website » for a full list of videos and lessons.


NC Culture Student Resources

Carolina Beach State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Carolina Beach Grades 3 to 5 »

 Discover More (reading page) – Carolina Beach Grade 6 »

 Explore Outdoors – Plant Adaptations »

 YouTube video – Rare Plants with Unusual Adaptations »


Falls Lake State Recreation Area

 Discover More (reading page) – Forces in Nature »

 Glossary – Forces in Nature »

 Discover More (reading page) – Science of Bikes »

 Glossary – Science of Bikes »

 Explore Outdoors – Forces and Motion »

 YouTube video – Forces and Motion: How We Move at Falls Lake State Recreation Area  »


Hanging Rock State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Waterfalls »

 Glossary – Waterfalls »

 Explore Outdoors – Waterfalls »

 YouTube video – Elevation and Monadnocks: How Hanging Rock State Park Got Its Waterfalls »


Haw River State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Box Turtle »

 Explore Outdoors – Box Turtle »

 Glossary – Box Turtle »

 YouTube video – What's On The Box? Eastern Box Turtles at Haw River State Park »

 Discover More (reading page) – Wetlands »

 Explore Outdoors – Wetlands »

 Glossary – Wetlands »

 YouTube video – Explore Wetlands at Haw River State Park  »


Lumber River State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Lumber River Navigation »

 Discover More (reading page) – Lumber River Blackwater »

 Explore Outdoors – Lumber River Navigation »

 Explore Outdoors – Lumber River Blackwater »

 YouTube video – Lumber River State Park: Navigating the Lumber River »

 YouTube video – Sweet Tea River? How the Lumber River in North Carolina Turns Black Naturally »


Medoc Mountain State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Wildflowers »

 Glossary – Wildflowers »

 Explore Outdoors – Wildflowers »

 YouTube video – Park Ranger Discusses Unique Wildflowers at Medoc Mountain State Park »


Stone Mountain State Park

 Discover More (reading page) – Mountain Rock Star »

 Glossary – Geology »

 Explore Outdoors – Backyard Geology »

 YouTube video – Rock Formations at Stone Mountain »


Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve

 Discover More (reading page) – Longleaf Ecosystem »

 Glossary – Longleaf Ecosystem »

 Tarheel Toast (reading page) »

 Explore Outdoors – Looking at Life Cycle Stages »

 Explore Outdoors – Backyard Bird Evidence »

 Discover More (reading page) – Woodpecker Wonders »

 Glossary – Woodpecker Wonders »

 YouTube video – Longleaf Pine Ecosystem at Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve »

 YouTube video – Weymouth Woods and the RCW »


Curriculum Guides

Environmental education learning experiences (EELEs) are correlated to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Competency goals in science, social studies, mathematics and English/language arts are explored. Each program includes pre-visit, on-site and post-visit student activities that have measurable objectives, background information, vocabulary, references and step-by-step activity instructions.

Following are some samples of state park EELEs. (If a park is not listed, an EELE is not available at this time.)



A free copy of an EELE is available by attending the park's EELE workshop.


Annual theme resources pages

Year of the Beetle
Performing Live
Year of Fire
Burning to Conserve
Year of the Snake
Scale Back Your Fear
Year of the Fish
Get Hooked
Year of the Spider
Take a Spin
Centennial Year
100 S'More Years
Year of the Amphibian
Dance in the Rain
Year of the Lepidoptera
Emerge and Fly


 NC Science Festival Activities »


Educator Workshops

Environmental Education Certification: The N.C. Office of Environmental Education manages a nationally recognized professional development program that certifies educators in environmental education. Most of the workshops can be applied toward EE certification in one of three categories: Criteria I, II or III. Please visit their website to find a workshop.