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Lake Trail

Canoeing at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park
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High Water on Trails   

The bridge crossing at the Bird and Galax Trails is under water due to the Neuse River flooding. Both Trails can still be accessed via the Lake Trail.

 Last updated on: Friday, January 22, 2021

Lake Trail

Lake Trail at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

The 2-mile Lake Trail was opened to the public in June 2015. This trail is 3 feet wide and features a natural sand base that makes it ideal for hikers and joggers. The trail winds through a previously-unused forested section of the park and provides a good look at many mature white oaks, in addition to a variety of other hardwoods. With fewer loblolly and longleaf pines, hikers who look closely may glimpse historic remnants of dead longleaf stumps that were used in the naval stores industry between 1750 and 1875. Hikers may see white-tailed deer along the trail in the fall, during the peak of the hard mast (acorn) drop. This trail begins at the visitor center parking lot and travels around the 11-acre swim lake, before crossing the lake spillway on a series of stepping stones. It is exactly 1 mile to the wooden footbridge over a small creek. To complete the trip, hikers follow the main path up to the swim lake parking lot and continue on the pavement back to the visitor center.

Trail Location: 
Visitor center parking lot or swim lake parking lot
Trail Length: 
1.90 miles
Trail Type: 
one way
Trail Difficulty: 
moderate hike
Trail Use: 
Trail Surface: 
natural surface
Trail Blaze: 
yellow diamonds

Map of North Carolina – Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

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240 Park Entrance Road
Seven Springs, NC 28578

GPS: 32.2354, -77.8932



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