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Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 10:00am
Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 10:00am
Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 10:00am

Rangers hold regularly scheduled educational and interpretive programs about Carolina Beach State Park. Check the Events calendar for more information. To arrange a special exploration of Carolina Beach State Park for your group or class, contact the park office.

Educational materials about Carolina Beach State Park have been developed for grades 5-8 and are correlated to North Carolina's competency-based curriculum in science, social studies, mathematics and English/language arts. The Carolina Beach program introduces students to basic plant biology, focusing on carnivorous plants. Accompanying the program is a teacher's booklet and workshop, free of charge to educators.

Visitor Center

In addition to the multiple educational programs offered at Carolina Beach State Park, the park visitor center features environmental education exhibits. Carnivorous plants dominate the exhibit hall at the Carolina Beach State Park visitor center. The hall is open 8am to 5pm daily. Displays allow visitors to look deeper in the diversity of carnivorous plants in the park. From Venus flytraps to pitcher plants, from butterworts to bladderworts, the hands-on exhibits allow for interactive learning about these intriguing species. Exhibits include:

  • Biodiversity of the Park: Several static displays on the biodiversity of the park explain the coquina rock outcrops, the limesink ponds, and the five carnivorous plants found in the park. Prescribed burning plays a large role in this biodiversity. There is a static display describing this program as well.
  • A computer video on the carnivorous plants in the park: Visitors can watch a short video on the carnivorous plants found in the park and how they catch their prey.
  • Interactive Carnivorous Plant: Allows visitors to experience how these fascinating plants capture their prey.
  • A maze game from the perspective of an insect: Visitors attempt to navigate a ball, which represents an insect in the park, around a maze without taking a wrong turn and being eaten by a carnivorous plant.
  • Touch table: Build a structure with tree parts. Explore the contents of the side pockets. This small table has lots of interesting items for young visitors to discover.
  • Where do I live? Raccoons, fox, deer, birds, snakes and frogs all call Carolina Beach State Park home. Magnetic boards of three habitats found within the park allows young visitors to match the correct animal with its habitat.
  • History of the area and of the park: Located along the walls in the visitor center hallway there are static displays showing the history of the area and of the park.

Conveniently located near the park’s entrance, the visitor center and exhibit hall are wheelchair accessible. Call the park office for more details.


Carolina Beach State Park

1010 State Park Road PO Box 475
Carolina BeachNC 28428
910-458-7770 Marina
Latitude: 34.047297
Longitude: -77.906605

Map of North Carolina


All park facilities are closed on Christmas Day.

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May - Sept:  7am - 10pm

Park Office
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Visitor Center 
8am - 5pm daily

Dec & Jan 8am - 5:30pm
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