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Ask a Ranger: The Den Owners Association

Ranger Crystal travels to Yates Mill, a Wake County park, to help Ranger Rebeccah get things lined up for the annual Den Owners Association meeting. Listen in as they hike and canoe around Yates Mill, and chat with everyone from otters to toads and squirrels to grumpy ole Walter the groundhog. You will learn some interesting facts about many of the Yates Mill residents and concerns of den dwellers.


Ask a Ranger: Hiking 101

Lucky us! We get to sit down and chat with Ranger Kim from Eno River State Park again! This time, she makes sure Ranger Jess, who is about to go on a hike, is prepared for a safe and fun hike at Eno River State Park. Listen in and find out all the hiking essentials so your next hike will be safe and fun!