High Visitation on Weekends

The following parks experience high visitation on the weekends:

  • Eno River State Park
  • Pilot Mountain State Park
  • Raven Rock State Park
  • South Mountains State Park
  • Stone Mountain State Park
  • William B. Umstead State Park

Once the parking lots at these parks reach capacity, the parks close to all incoming traffic. In parks where a line for parking will not interfere with road traffic outside of the park, vehicles may be allowed to wait in line. In other parks, vehicles will be turned away.

For the best experience, plan your visit for a weekday. If you must visit on a weekend, plan to arrive early in the morning, and be prepared with a backup plan if the park is full when you arrive. Keep gate hours in mind, which are posted on the park's home page.

Picnic shelter reservations

When reserving a picnic shelter for an event, please note that parking spaces are not reserved for event attendees and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, along with all other visitors. 

On weekends, if the parking lots reach capacity, event attendees must wait in line and will not be allowed to skip to the front. If the park does not allow a line to form, they will be turned away.

Please plan accordingly: have event guests carpool whenever possible, and schedule your event for early morning or late afternoon, or instruct guests to arrive well in advance of your event and be prepared to wait.

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