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Black River

Black RIver

Black River

Black River Feasibility Study

The feasibility study was submitted to the NC General Assembly on March 1. Access full PDF: Black River Feasibility Study 

We appreciate all who submitted input.

The Black River is home to large cypress trees, some of which are more than 1,600 years old, making it a popular paddling destination in an area currently underserved by the State Parks system. The study area includes 45 miles of the Black River corridor.

Black River Map

The study will create a vision for what a state park, natural area, or trail could look like, including what amenities would be most important to nearby communities and other potential users. It will include an evaluation of the natural and cultural heritage significance of the area, whether it meets criteria to be part of the state park system, the suitability of the Black River for recreation, and a cost estimate for developing the park. 

Black River FAQ's

Why is the Black River special?

What would a Black River State Park look like? 

​What would the impact be for adjacent property owners?

About North Carolina State Parks

North Carolina State Parks manages more than 231,000 acres of iconic landscape within North Carolina. It administers the N.C Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, including its local grants program, as well as a state trails program, North Carolina Natural and Scenic Rivers and more, all with a mission dedicated to conservation, recreation and education.