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Ask a Ranger

A view from Pilot Mountain State Park
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Ranger Knowledge

State park rangers always get questions, and with their training in the outdoors and managing natural resources, they usually have the answers or can find them right away. Here, our rangers answer some of the questions they’re frequently asked and take on topics that can expand your knowledge of the natural world.

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How and why did you become a Park Ranger?

This is a question often asked of us. Each ranger has their own very unique and interesting journey into this profession.  Here is one ranger’s journey into the amazing career of a Park Ranger. 

It’s a snake! But what kind?

Snakes! Just thinking about snakes can strike fear into the biggest and bravest people. People are often afraid when they feel unsafe or think something is dangerous. The fear of snakes, as with any fear, can be decreased with a little bit of knowledge about our legless park reptiles. So here are a few ranger tips to help you out!