The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation's internship program will allow applicants to gain the experience needed to establish a career with the division and state parks. Interns will perform a variety of duties to get a feel for the positions to which they aspire. Each intern will keep a weekly journal of their experiences and discuss them biweekly with the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator. Interns will study a plant or animal located at their park and complete an end-of-year presentation on their findings. If their seasonal work is in an office setting, they will present on their area of work. Interns will work on special projects with the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, as well as meet with leaders in natural and cultural resources.

Summer 2024 Internships will be coming soon! Check back on this page for more information.

For any questions about the internship program, please contact:

Rodney Lovett
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

phone: 919-707-9374