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2017 Year of the Spider

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2017 Year of the Spider


Before we know it, a warm spell will give us flowering maples and spider silk attached to our vehicles. Those ballooning spiderlings usher in 2017, the Year of the Spider.  
The Take A Spin theme is an chance to connect with nature lovers and help the non-lovers become a little more comfortable with inevitable arachnid encounters.  See our resources below and get up close and personal with spiders.



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Scholarly Resources

American Arachnological Society
Spider Myths

For Kids

Count My Legs video
All About Spiders

Program Resources and Ideas 

Pinterest Board
Spiders 101 Program 
Spiders and Insects- Taxonomy 101
Spider Eye Arrangement Activity 
Spider Webstacle Course Festival Activity

Field ID Resources

Common Spiders of NC
Common Spider of NC Checklist
Spider Field Guide Review
Spider Monitoring Equipment Review

Classroom Activity Printables

Build A Spider
Insects Spiders
Label the External Spider Anatomy
Purse Spider Web Craft
Spider Body Parts
Black Widow Flyer
Daddy Long Legs
Spider Glider
Spider Jokes and Trivia
Spider Links
Spider Myths True or False
Spiders Catch Prey Activity
Spiders Around the House
Spider Resource Sheet
Spruce Fir Moss Spider
Where Spiders Live Activity