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Rules, Regulations and Park Policies

Our rules are for the protection of our visitors and natural resources, and to make everyone's visit a safe and enjoyable experience. The information given below is a synopsis* of rules, regulations, park policies, and in some cases state and federal laws. Please observe them for your safety and enjoyment as well as the safety and enjoyment of others. It will preserve our parks and make them a valuable resource now and in the future.

*See the links at the bottom of the page to read the complete rules in their original form.

In some cases there may be park-specific rules or policies that apply to activities within a particular park. Please check with your park of interest for additional information about its park-specific rules.

Also, the list below represents activities available across the parks system. All activities are not available at every park. The activities available at each park can be viewed using the "Find a park" dropdown to the left. You may also contact your park of interest to get information about specific activities offered at that park.

Click the links below to view specific rules related to the menu categories.