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Saturday Jan. 17 100K race in progress. Park is open to the public, parking may be limited. Visitors be aware of runners on trails. ... details ±

  • WelcomeThe park's Pine Barrens.
  • ActivityThe "old growth" hike.
  • TrailsThe park has more than four miles of well-marked, easy-to-hike trails.
  • EducationA park ranger leads a GPS program.
  • CampingLearning about humming birds.
  • FloraA brilliantly-colored dwarf iris.
  • VolunteersBoy Scouts remove wisteria and English ivy from the Boyd Tract.
  • ExhibitsThe exhibit hall allows visitors a deeper look into the significance of the longleaf pine forest.
  • ActivityBird banding class.
  • FaunaThe park is ideal for bird watching.
  • ParkA white-tailed deer.
  • ScenicA beautiful sunset at Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve!
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