Jones Lake State Park  »  Photo Album

  • WelcomeA perfect day for a swim at Jones Lake.
  • ActivityBoating and fishing are popular pastimes at Jones Lake.
  • TrailsThe park has five miles of scenic trails.
  • EducationPark rangers lead educational and interpretive programs.
  • CampingThe park offers tent and RV camping, and a primitive group campsite.
  • FloraWildflowers abound in the park. Seen here: Sandy-woods Chaffhead.
  • VolunteersMisty cypresses at the lake.
  • ExhibitsThe Native American dugout canoe on display is approximately 2,000 years old.
  • ActivityEnjoying the Easter Egg Hunt, despite the cold weather.
  • FaunaThe park is a great location for bird watching.
  • ParkEnjoy the aquatic activities offered by this cool, tea-colored lake.
  • ScenicAnother gorgeous sunset at Jones Lake State Park!
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