Elk Knob State Park  »  Photo Album

  • WelcomeCome to Elk Knob State Park for recreation and relaxation.
  • ActivityCross country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities.
  • TrailsThe park has a beautiful and well maintained trail.
  • Education Park rangers lead educational and interpretive programs.
  • CampingA dramatic view of Snake Mountain.
  • FloraFlame azalea blooms in the park.
  • VolunteersVolunteers work hard to maintain the trail.
  • ExhibitsHikers reach the summit.
  • ActivityJoin in the many activities on Headwaters Community Day.
  • FaunaWild turkey, black bear, bobcat, and white tailed deer inhabit this rugged mountainous area.
  • ParkThe park is beautiful in all seasons.
  • ScenicA stunning view at Elk Knob State Park!
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