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Long Valley Farm Access area off East Manchester Road in Spring Lake, NC is Open as the Park's Interim Development is complete. ... details ±
Some GPS units, smart phones, and web based direction services may send you to the incorrect location. ... details ±

  • WelcomeThe park is an ideal setting for a day of hiking, fishing, and picnicking.
  • ActivityThe winter residence of James Stillman Rockefeller.
  • TrailsEnjoying the park's First Day Hike on its scenic trails.
  • EducationSpring cherry tree at the park.
  • CampingThe Eastern kingbird.
  • FloraYellow Pitcher-plants at the park.
  • VolunteersVolunteers remove fencing at Long Valley Farm.
  • ExhibitsExplore the historic mill at the Long Valley Farm Access.
  • ActivityThere are many scenic vistas in the park.
  • FaunaThe Eastern box turtle makes its home in the park.
  • ParkViceroy butterfly.
  • ActivityEnjoy the day at Carvers Creek State Park!
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