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The North Carolina Trails Committee is a seven-member citizen committee appointed by the secretary fo the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. Members advise the State Trails Program on funding recommendations for the Recreational Trails Program Grants (RTP) and Adopt-a-Trail Grants. Committee members are also a resource that ensures information flow between contituents and the program. The members represent various communities across the state including: hiking, cycling, paddling, equestrian, and off highway vehicles.


Barbara Oslund
Chatham Co.
Representing Equestrian

Lawrence Russell Duke
Wake Co.
Representing Multiple Interest

Christopher Ferguson
Mecklenburg Co.
Representing Off Highway Vehicles and Hiking

Bethel Paris
New Hanover Co.
Representing Bicycling

Henry Clark Ward
Wake Co.
Representing Bicycling

Chris Wicker
Halifax Co.
Representing Paddling

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