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The Division of Parks and Recreation and the State Trails Program are now accepting Pre-Applications for 2014 and 2015 Federal Recreational Trails Program funding. This is a change from previous years, an effort to better align grant awards with the Federal Fiscal Year Budget.

All agencies and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply; a link to an online application is available below. Please complete and submit the online pre-application(s) by November 15th, 2013. At this time the 2014 RTP funding has been authorized at $1.5 million, future funding for 2015 is uncertain pending federal reauthorization of the RTP program. RTP requires a 25 percent match and is a reimbursement grant program.

Should your Pre-Application be selected, your agency or organization will be notified to submit a 2014-2015 Federal Recreational Trails Program Final Application by June 06, 2014 (11:59 pm). While everyone is invited to apply, please note that the competition for RTP funding is quite strong. Numerous quality pre-applications were submitted this cycle.

The 2014-2015 Federal Recreational Trails Program Pre-Application, information, and scoring priorities are available through the links below:

2014-2015 RTP Information Package

2014-2015 RTP Deliverables Guidance

Help/Instructions for downloading the RTP Final Application

2014-2015 RTP Final Application

2014-2015 Final Application Scoring Criteria